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Canadian/Australian singer songwriter Robert Ross is now based in Nashville, USA. He shares his love of music with audiences in pubs, clubs, resorts, private functions and festivals throughout Australia, Canada and USA. Robert's style is influenced by country greats Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and other country artists such as Randy Travis and Sawyer Brown, as well as good ole Rock n' Roll.  His original songs are rich with life experiences which connects him directly to his fans.


Robert Ross' upcoming shows/tours

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The new album Is well under way and nearing completion. Looking very forward to sharing it with you all real soon. 


The big move has happened. I am truly over the moon to be living In Nashville and working on my next (long overdue) album. Looking forward to releasing my first Single from the new album in May 2024.

Looking very forward to going to Nashville a bit later this year(2023) to record my next album. Stay tuned it's gonna be an amazing ride.

Having released 6 singles from his debut album "It's Never Too Late"
-I WILL RISE (Top 40 Australian Airplay)

-JACK DANIELS (#1Top 40 Australian Airplay #1 Airplay Express International Top 40)

-DON"T YOU CRY (Airplay #1 Airplay Express International Top 40)

-BABY DON'T GO (Airplay #1 Airplay Express International Top 40)

-GOLDEN BAND (Airplay #1 Airplay Express International Top 40)

-DRIVING ME INSANE (#1PlayMPE Top 40 Country charts #1PlayMPE Top 20 Streams. Top 40 Australian radio airplay)


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Latest Single  'Driving Me Insane'
'Golden Band'
'Baby Don't Go'
'Don't You Cry
 'Jack Daniels'
'I Will Rise'
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